Paper or Plastic?

Paper or Plastic? It’s one of the most asked question in a supermarket. But which one is better? On first response, most would say paper. Paper doesn’t take that long to decompose. But, can you reuse paper? No easily! That’s why plastic might be the better choice. Plastic bags can be used to pick up dog poo on a walk, ice packs, lunch bags, and many other useful jobs. But, in the long run, a reusable cloth bag would the the best choice. You only need one for all your shopping needs!

What do you think?


How do we Help?

Lots of people are starting to help the environment. How are you and your family taking steps to help the environment?

My family and I recycle most, if not all, of our used things. We also reuse plastic bags and use lunchboxes insted of paper bags that would be left in landfills. We also ALWAYS turn off lights once we leave a room.